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The Strategy Academy: Facilitating SUCCESS

The Strategy Academy was born out of a conviction. A conviction, that individuals and organizations can create and control their futures and destinies, irrespective of what they are up against, provided they are dissatisfied and impatient with what they are doing currently and possess a clear point of view and ambition to do something big and different in whatever space they choose to be in.

The Strategy Academy was set up in 2008. It is a knowledge-based Professional Service Organization that has been working single-mindedly in following areas:

  • Facilitate individuals and organization in achieving SUCCESS in whatever field they are in or want to be in
  • Provide catalytic professional services to business organizations and NGOs to address their Strategic Challenges
  • Help develop future Managers, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Strategists through making available contemporary content and cases, delivered primarily through 100% LIVE and 2 Way Interactive digital platform [enabling real time Audio and Video streaming]
  • Connect faculty and subject matter experts with those who require knowledge and transformational inputs in a way that will enable any individual from  ANYWHERE in India and the world to attend faculty conducted 100% LIVE and 2 Way Interactive sessions on REAL-TIME and  One2One basis  but at an extremely economical cost

Conception and Creation

The Academy is conceived and created by  Prof Ranjan Das [see the side bar on Prof Das for details]

Whom Does the Academy Serve?

  • Individuals who are looking for SMART LEARNING SOLUTIONS that will help them acquire business and management skills RAPIDLY through attending 100% LIVE classes conducted by faculty personally but
        • Without using working hours
        • Without discontinuing current job, business or studies,
        • Without leaving their city/town where they stay and
        • Without putting financial pressure on self/family while paying fees.
  • Individuals who wish to startNEW ENTREPRENEURIAL VENTURES
  • Business organizations looking for SMARTLY DELIVERED and COST EFFECTIVE short and medium duration programs to build managerial, strategic and leadership capabilitiesof their management staff posted ANYWHERE in India and  the World with:
        • Customized content,
        • Highest of convenience
        • Assessment of each participant
        • Far lower effective cost of learning and development vs. current way of delivering In-Company programs

Portfolio of Services

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