The Strategy Academy: Facilitating SUCCESS

The Strategy Academy, set up in 2008, is a knowledge-based Professional Service Organization. The Academy was born out of a conviction. A conviction, that individuals and organizations can create and control their futures and destinies, irrespective of what they are up against, provided they are dissatisfied and impatient with what they are doing currently and possess a clear point of view and ambition to do something big and different in whatever space they choose to be in.

Conception and Creation

The Academy is conceived and created by  Prof Ranjan Das [see the side bar on Prof Das for details]

Core Value Proposition

  • Assist individuals and organizations to achieve SUCCESS, in whatever field they are operating in [or intends to operate], using the power of strategy, undergoing learning and transformation and ensuring  laser precision execution 
  • Turnkey design and delivery of participant-centred and scalable Learning and Transformation  programs for enhancing participants’ skills and also transformation of their traits,  attitudes and motives, using the Academy designed 21st century  learning process  and assessment system, called SLTS |  Smart Learning and Transformation Solution, that has 3 times more  rigour and intensity, 2 times more convenience to attend faculty conducted session and only 1/3rd the cost   of doing the same through the traditional 20th century learning process.
  • Make available the proprietary SLTS [Smart Learning and Transformation Solution] to any Organization or institution interested to use SLTS to design and deliver its professional, general and vocational education in any subject area
  • Offer strategic and functional advisory services to companies to resolve their strategic and organizational challenges, covering the entire spectrum of problem analysis, resolution of problems and  implementation -

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Portfolio  of Knowledge-based Professional services

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  • Fast Track Program: Career Transition Programs for middle and senior level executives and Management Education Program for fresh and recent graduates… Read more
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