The Strategy Academy: Facilitating Success

The Strategy Academy, set up in 2008, is a knowledge-based Professional Service Organization. The Academy was born out of a conviction. A conviction, that individuals and organizations can create and control their futures and destinies, irrespective of what they are up against, provided they are dissatisfied and impatient with what they are doing currently and possess a clear point of view and ambition to do something big and different in whatever space they choose to be in. The Academy is conceived and created by Prof Ranjan Das.

Underlying theme of The Strategy Academy’s logo

Core Value Proposition

Assist individuals and organizations to achieve SUCCESS, in whatever field they are operating in [or intends to operate], using the power of strategy, undergoing learning and transformation and ensuring laser precision execution.
Turnkey design and delivery of participant-centred and scalable Learning and Transformation programs for enhancing participants’ skills and also transformation of their traits, attitudes, and motives, using the Academy designed 21st century learning process and assessment system, called SLTS | Smart Learning and Transformation Solution, that has 3 times more rigour and intensity, 2 times more convenience to attend faculty conducted session and only 1/3rd the cost of doing the same through the traditional 20th century learning process.
Make available the proprietary SLTS [Smart Learning and Transformation Solution] to any Organization or institution interested to use SLTS to design and deliver its professional, general and vocational education in any subject area.
Offer strategic and functional advisory services to companies to resolve their strategic and organizational challenges, covering the entire spectrum of problem analysis, resolution of problems and implementation.
60+ Companies Witnessed the Strategic Transformation

Whom does the Academy Serve?

Organizations – looking for smart learning solution to expand into any education and learning related venture or strengthen existing educational activities but without making any fresh investment in either physical infrastructure or faculty.

  • Organizations offering professional, general and vocational education cum skill-building programs [both accredited and autonomous] wishing to achieve following objectives:
    • Exploit existing brick and mortar infra to deliver more programs
    • Add capacity without making a physical investment
    • Add new lines of educational activities
    • Expand geographically [including going global]
  • Learning and development departments of companies wishing to conduct same L&D program simultaneously all over India and even outside India:
    • Make available the Smart Learning & Transformation Solution [SLTS] of the Academy to assist Corporate L&D and Corporate Training Departments to SCALE-UP their enterprise-wide Initiatives:
      • Offer number of L&D and Training Programs per month and per year:
        • Without additional infrastructure
        • Without increasing headcount of Department
        • Without increasing admin hassle
        • Without worrying about sourcing either faculty or content
        • Without worrying about resources for managing L&D or training programs
      • Access Academy’s Content and content research team
      • Access Academy’s multi-element and continuous evaluation and relative grading system
      • Access Academy’s Faculty network
      • Access Academy’s Program management Support services
  • Individuals who are looking for SMART LEARNING SOLUTIONS that will help them acquire business and management skills RAPIDLY through
    • Attending 100% LIVE and 2 Way Interactive classes conducted by faculty personally but
      • Without using working hours
      • Without discontinuing current job, business or studies,
      • Without leaving their city/town where they stay and
      • Without putting financial pressure on self/family while paying fees.
    • Individuals who wish to start NEW ENTREPRENEURIAL VENTURES
  • Organizations looking for SMARTLY DELIVERED and COST EFFECTIVE short and medium duration programs to build managerial, strategic and leadership skills and transform personal traits, attitudes and motives of participating officials to strengthen capabilities of their management staff posted ANYWHERE in India and the World with
    • Customized content for assisting participating officials to become SPECIALISTS in three months
      • Strategic Skills
      • Leadership Skills
      • Functional Management Skills [Sales and Customer Service, Business Development, Operations, Finance, HRM, Supply Chain, Project Management]
      • Managerial Skills
      • Execution Skills
      • ‘Doing Business’ Skills
      • Entrepreneurship-made-easy
      • Digital Marketing Skills
      • Analytics & BIG DATA Skills
      • Forecasting Skills
    • Highest of convenience to attend all faculty conducted 100% LIVE and 2-way interactive learning sessions from anywhere in India and the world on the real-time and Direct2Participant basis [both during and outside working hours as required]
    • Assessment of each participant – skill specific plus broad behavioral traits
    • Far lower effective cost of learning and development vs. current way of delivering In-Company L&D programs
  • Provide Strategic Management Services and conduct In-Company Business and Cultural Transformation Programs for assisting organizations in addressing their Strategic Challenges:
    • Achieving Sustainable Competitive Advantage
    • Turnaround & Consolidation
    • M&A and Corporate Restructuring
    • Growth Strategy
    • Global Strategy
    • Risk Management
    • Innovation
    • Strategic Marketing
    • Leading and Managing to deliver outstanding performance, fix culture and encourage managers to think and act like an entrepreneur [i.e. as an intrapreneur]
  • Provide Low-Cost infrastructure, on an actual usage basis, to organizations for conducting internal meetings and conferences without investing in any video/audio infrastructure [national/ international roll-out]
  • Video plus Audio conference
  • Only Audio conference
  • Delivery of L& D and in-company training programs, on a REAL TIME basis, in a manner so that no participant or faculty will travel to attend faculty conducted sessions
  • Assist Specialists/ Experts/ Organizations to REACH OUT to their Target Audience using the Academy’s 100% LIVE & 2 Way Interactive DIGITAL Platform and help them scale up their activities:
    • Faculty and Trainers in any subject area reaching out to students & clients anywhere in India and the world
    • E-learning companies, offering pre-recorded content, wishing to add LIVE faculty conducted sessions to improve their value propositions