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  • Smart Learning & Transformation Solution [SLTS] is a NEW alternative Learning solution. It is essentially a convergence of two existing learning solutions viz. traditional brick and mortar and a decade old e-learning/ Massive Online Open Courses [MOOCs]. It comprises all the benefits of the just mentioned two existing learning solutions but eliminates drawbacks of both. The new alternative includes an Integrated Dual Learning Process, considers the learning styles as well as lifestyles of learners and leverages the progresses made in Digital technology.
  • The new alternative – SLTS – is technology enabled and yet 100% LIVE, 2 way interactive with streaming audio and video service and works on real time basis. It is content, location and device neutral, scalable, convenient to roll out, infra investment free and cost-effective.
  • SLTS can be deployed to deliver any program – academic or corporate training or skill building program – that will be fully customized with required rigor and with built in evaluation system for each participant along multiple metrics.
  • Download the PDF to get an overview of Smart Learning & Transformation Solution [SLTS]

Charges for deploying Smart Learning & Transformation Solution [SLTS] on

  • There are in all 13 systems coming under SLTS. These are:

1. Session management System

2. Group discussions system [Virtual Syndicate Room]

3. Inter-participant networking system

4. Presentation system

5. Learning Management System [LMS]

6. Recording system for recording each faculty conducted 100% LIVE and 2 way interactive session

7. System for spot checking of participants’ understanding during a faculty conducted session

8. System for online quizzes

9. System for online program-end examinations

10. System for capturing feedbacks of participants during a faculty conducted session

11. Scheduling system

12. Guidance and supervision of Action Learning Projects [ ALPs]

13. Internal communication/ product training System

  • A user organization may deploy one or more of these 13 systems depending on its exact requirements.
  • Most of these 13 systems are priced on hourly basis and only a few on per user basis. For knowing the exact charges for each of these 13 systems, which are highly affordable, please write to smart_learning@thestrategyacademy.org
  • The Strategy Academy also makes available, on payment of charges, two special services if required by a user organization of SLTS. These are: [1] Content related services specific to any program that is planned to be designed and delivered using SLTS and [2] Making available faculty who will conduct sessions in person that are 100% LIVE and 2-way interactive and delivered on real time basis. Both services [1] and [2] are optional and cost of such services vary from program to program. For knowing details of these 2 services, please write to: smart_learning@thestrategyacademy.org.