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    Selling Successfully

    1. Design and Direction: Prof Ranjan Das, Professor of Strategy, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, teaching at Indian Institute of Management Calcutta [IIMC] since 1994 and other IIMs. Prof Das is also the Founder Chairman and Chief Mentor, The Strategy Academy.

    2. For Whom: Managers and executives interfacing with customers on day to day basis to achieve their sales targets. Marketing and strategy consultants and entrepreneurs challenged to find new ways of selling successfully will also find the program useful.

    3. Duration: The program will be delivered in phases over 4 weeks comprising

    • 16 Hours of faculty conducted sessions [8 sessions each @ 2 hours] PLUS
    • Time required – outside faculty conducted sessions – to go through the suggested reading materials and also complete group and individual assignments

    The delivery of faculty conducted sessions will take place – OUTSIDE working hours – over 4 weeks @ 2 sessions per week.

    4. Content:

    • Changing Context of Sales and Marketing
      • Changing world of business and understanding the characteristics of fiercely competitive markets
      • Analysing Customers, customer value propositions and why Customers do not buy our products
      • Analysing Competition and their game plan
      • Essence of Customer-centred strategy
    • Contemporary challenges facing sales function
      • Selling to direct customers, institutions and Channel partners: Addressing their Concerns and expectations
      • Selling commodities as value added products/ services: B2B value propositions
      • Demand innovation for growing sales
      • Competing against low cost rivals
      • Selling during depressed market conditions
      • Negotiating big deals
    • Professional selling – A customer centric approach
      • Selling as a systematic process
      • Sales Process Excellence
      • Professional selling skills
      • What makes a good salesman: Quality of a successful sales person
      • Attitude and skills for achieving success in selling
      • Sell yourself and Pitch your idea
    • Personal Skills essential for achieving success in selling
      • Negotiation and conflict resolution
      • Inter-departmental communication, coordination and influencing support services to deliver along the lines customers want
      • Time management
      • Result orientation
    • Case discussions and experience sharing

    5. Pedagogy: Concepts and interactive case discussions and experience sharing by both faculty and participants. List of cases to include even those cases which are used at leading international business schools such as Harvard Business School.

    6. Session timing: Twice a week – Weekdays and/or Saturdays [during 8 to 10 pm].

    7. Delivery: The program will be delivered using an Innovative solution called Smart Learning & Transformation Solution [SLTS] . Details of SLTS are available in SLTS will enable participants to attend faculty conducted 100% LIVE sessions – totalling 16 hours – from his/her Home or Office or ANYWHERE, using the Academy’s 2 way interactive and real time DIGITAL Content Delivery Network [with streaming Audio plus Video feeds]. No special training or IT infra is needed by any participant, beyond what he/she already has, to attend from ANYWHERE all sessions conducted by faculty in person. For information, more than 60 companies have already used SLTS and also the just mentioned Content Delivery Network of The Strategy Academy to conduct their In-Company Corporate training Programs.

    8. Infrastructure required to attend faculty conducted 100% LIVE and 2 way Interactive classes from ANYWHERE [home/ office/ while travelling]

    • A PC or a Laptop with
      • A standard headphone
      • A broadband fixed line or a Data Card capable of delivering a minimum 256kbps of broadband during each 2 hour session; this is a must for smooth audio and video live streaming


    • Smartphone or a Tab with 4G Connection

    9. Recording of faculty conducted Sessions: To be made available for 4 weeks after the last formal session conducted by faculty in person is over.

    10. Evaluation and Grading: Multi-element Evaluation and Grading based on 4 parameters viz. [a] Attendance, [b] Number and quality of questions asked/ engagement during faculty conducted 100% LIVE Digital sessions, [c] online quiz and/ or miscellaneous online submissions and [d] performance at the examination to be conducted online at the end of the program.

    11. Certificate and Grades: To be issued by The Strategy Academy Centre for Advanced Studies. It is possible to get this Program Co-Certified by a Leading University/Institutional with a marginal increase in course fee mentioned below.

    12. Fee: Rs 8000/- Plus GST payable by Cheque or online bank transfer in favour of The Strategy Academy Centre for Advanced Studies; the fee includes the cost of soft copy of reading materials and faculty PPTs.

    13. Minimum Batch Size: 15 participants.

    14. Start Date of the Program: The start date will be announced as soon as the number of interested participants exceeds 10. These first 10 applicants will get an early bird discount of Rs 1000/- on program fee provided they deposit the requisite fee with GST [net of early bird discount of 1000/-] within 7 days of receiving the advice from the Academy.

    15. If any applicant wishes to discuss with Prof. Ranjan Das, who is the Program Director of this program, regarding any aspect of the program described above, he/she may please call 09874882778 or 03340632066 for setting up a time for telephonic discussion with Prof. Das.

    Fee   8000/-Plus GST

    Payable on confirmation of the start date of the course from the institution.The start date will be announced as soon as the number of interested participants exceeds 10.