Program on Marketing Analytics

Jointly Certified by Jadavpur University (number 4 best university in India in 2023) School of Education Technology and The Strategy Academy Centre for Advanced Studies.


Course Overview:

This Certificate Course in Marketing Analytics is designed specifically for marketing and sales professionals, digital marketers, entrepreneurs and start-ups, data analyst and marketing consultants to help them acquire the fundamental skills required to use analytics for taking strategic and tactical decisions in the field of marketing.


How the participants will gain:

On successful completion of this Certificate Course, the participants are expected to

  • [1]  Acquire foundation knowledge in statistics required to understand analytics including key issues relating to data used in analytics.
  • [2]  Apply the skills so acquired in different areas coming under Marketing Analytics


Duration and Delivery:

  • *   This Course design includes [a] 40 hours of faculty conducted sessions and [b] 80 hours of self-paced learning [guided and monitored by the Academy on a regular basis], implying a total involvement of 120 hours which will take place over a period of 3 months.
  • *   All 40 hours of faculty conducted sessions will be delivered over 100% LIVE and 2 Way INTERACTIVE Communication [with LIVE Audio and Video streaming] Platform of The Strategy Academy, accessible from ANYWHERE on REALTIME basis OUTSIDE working hours. Recordings of all sessions will be available for re-visiting the content after each session is over. Scheduled and guided learning of 80 hours will take place in between faculty conducted sessions and shall include – among others – self-paced learning [viz. study of core and additional reading materials], preparation and submission of individual and group assignments, individual presentations over LIVE Digital platform and virtual syndicate room group discussions outside faculty conducted sessions on cases to be discussed by faculty and finally the program end examination.
  • *   Smart Learning & Transformation Solution [SLTS], The Complete Transformation Solution will be deployed to design and deliver this program.



The pedagogy adapted for delivering this course is a combination of online faculty conducted live lectures, hands on demonstrations, take-home hands-on assignments, and industry case studies. This pedagogy will enable participants to get an all-round exposure in the field of marketing analytics and its real-life application in industry.



  1. [1]  Foundation knowledge required to understand analytics
    • *  Basic statistics
    • *  ANOVA
    • *  Discriminant Analysis
    • *  Factor Analysis
    • *  Cluster Analysis
    • *  Decision Analysis
    • *  Advanced Excel
  2. [2]  Data Issues
    • *  Efficiency measures, Effectiveness measures and business outcome measures
  3. [3]  Marketing Analytics
    • *  Market Segment Analytics
    • *  Consumer choice analytics
    • *  Life time value analytics
    • *  Price optimization and revenue management analytics
    • *  Application of marketing analytics in retail products
    • *  Sentiment analytics
    • *  Web analytics


Evaluation and Grading

 >>  There will be several areas of evaluation comprising:

    • *  level of attendance during sessions conducted by faculty
    • *  level of participation during class discussion,
    • *  surprise quiz,
    • *  Individual and group work on case studies
    • *  Formal presentation of case studies
    • *  End of the program examinations

>>  An overall evaluation will be made on relative basis considering performance in above mentioned areas. Each participant will be graded as either Excellent or Good or Average or Fair or Poor depending on his/her overall performance relative to the batch

>>  A COMPLETION certificate will be issued only if the composite level of attendance and class participation is 60% or above and overall grade is at least Average. Those who will not meet this minimum requirement will be issued a PARTICIPATION Certificate



Certificate for the Program on Marketing Analytics will be issued jointly by Jadavpur University – School of Education Technology and Strategy Academy Centre for Advanced Studies.



Program Design and Direction:

The program is designed by a team of   analytics professionals with active support of and direction by Prof Ranjan Das, Professor  of Strategy, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. Prof Das is associated with: IIM Calcutta [ Full time: 1994 – 2014; Visiting: 2014 onwards], The Strategy Academy [2008 onwards], IIM Jammu [2020-24], Xavier Institute of MANAGEMENT Bhubaneswar [2020-24],  IIM Ranchi [ Visiting: 2014-15], IIM Trichy [ Visiting: 2014-17], UPH University- Jakarta [Visiting:2014-17], Indian School of Business, Hyderabad [Visiting: 2008-09], and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong [Visiting: 2005-06].



Value propositions of the program:

  • *  No use of office time for attending faculty conducted 100% LIVE and 2 way interactive sessions
  • *  Faculty conducted 100% LIVE sessions can be attended through PC/ Laptop/ Smartphone/ Tab
  • *  Faculty conducted 100% LIVE sessions can be attended from ANYWHERE including from homes of participants or from hotel room [if someone is on outstation visit ] and hence there will be NO travelling cost  and cost related to travelling
  • *  Recording of all faculty conducted 100% LIVE sessions will be available
  • *  All examinations will be online and open book type
  • *  No special training or IT infra will be needed to attend faculty conducted sessions from ANYWHERE on REAL TIME  and Direct2Participant basis.


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