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    Faculty Development Program

    Business & Management Areas


    • Becoming a successful faculty [12 hours of faculty contact with each session @ 2 hours].
    • Learning Styles and Teaching pedagogy
      • Learning styles of students of academic programs and participants of executive education programs
      • Teaching pedagogy including case based teaching
      • Web tools for Teaching
      • Blended teaching methodology
      • Teaching as an art
    • Understanding psyche of business management students and participants of executive education programs
    • Understanding how adults learn and knowing the difference between teaching by faculty and learning by students
    • Different approaches to enhance engagement of participants and students during faculty conducted sessions as well as outside formal sessions
    • Developing oneself as a successful faculty including developing the right professional values of a faculty
    • A quick overview of select foundational skills required for becoming a successful faculty of business & management [participant to select the relevant skill areas as applicable]
      • Philosophy & Principles of Management
      • Statistics
      • Managerial economics
      • Organizational behaviour


    • Faculty as a Subject Matter Expert [For each subject area, 12 hours of faculty contact with each session @ 2 hours]
    • There are seven types of programs for 7 different target groups
        • 1. Faculty teaching Strategic Management
        • 2. Faculty teaching Financial Management
        • 3. Faculty teaching Marketing Management
        • 4. Faculty teaching Operations Management
        • 5. Faculty teaching Human Resources Management
        • 6. Faculty teaching Economics
        7. Faculty teaching Business Statistics
    • Target Group wise content: Contemporary topics in the concerned

      subject matter

      • Up to 10 topics, comprising mainly contemporary topics and some basic concepts [as needed] will be covered
      • Topic-specific case analysis and discussion
      • Faculty as a business consultant


    • Faculty Development Programs on Research Methodology 8 to 24 hours of faculty contact with each session @ 2 hours depending on which combination of modules are opted for by a participant]
      • Module I – Significance of Research in the respective areas – Types of
        Research – Pure and Applied Research – Exploratory and Experimental
        Research – Descriptive and Analytical Research – Quantitative & Qualitative Research.
      • Module II – Research Process: – Identification of Research Problem – Literature Review – Research Design – Hypotheses.
      • Module III – Sampling: – Methods of Sampling – Probability and non-Probability Sampling methods – Data Collection – Methods of Collection of Primary Data – Interview Schedule – Questionnaire -Observation – Survey – Case Study.
      • Module IV – Analysis of Data and Report Writing: – Editing – Classification – Coding and Tabulation – Report Writing – Contents of Research Report – Bibliography – Appendices.
      • Module V – Quantitative Techniques for Research: -Descriptive Analysis (Central Tendency and Dispersion, Coefficient of variation, correlation and Regression Analysis) – Inferential Analysis (Parametric and Non-parametric tests, T-test, F-test, ANOVA, ANCOVA, Chi-square).
      • Module VI – Application of Results and Ethics: Environmental Impacts – Ethical issues – Ethical Committees – Commercialization – Copy right, Intellectual property rights – Reproduction of published material – Accountability.
      • Module VII – Application of Computer in Research: – MS office and its application – Use of SPSS (method of preparing data sheet and entering data according to its characteristics, use of various statistical tools) – Use of Internet (exploring various websites, E-journal, E-Library and search engines for collecting quality literature review and secondary data).

    NOTE: FDPs coming under this category are also offered Module by Module with each module having a duration between 6 hours to 12 hours

    • 100% Online LIVE classes using SLTS (Smart Learning and Transformation Solution)
    • One-on-one & two way interactive
    • Recordings of all the classes
    • Location independent, implying that faculty conducted 100% LIVE and 2 Way Interactive sessions are delivered Direct2Participants staying ANYWHERE [including OUTSIDE India]
    • Accessible through all devices [ PC/ Laptop using broadband or Smartphone/ Tab or a combination of both
    • No special infrastructure or special training needed [and hence no pre-requirement of investment of money and time] to roll out programs or enable participants to attend 100% LIVE and 2 way interactive faculty conducted sessions
    • Simultaneous roll out of programs in many locations –national and international
    • Recordings of faculty conducted 100% LIVE sessions are made available for future reference
    • This delivery solution is a GREEN Platform
    • Weekend Classes;
    • A maximum of 2 sessions per week, with each session @ 2 hours
    • Timing: 8 to 10pm mostly, though in weekends sessions may be conducted during 4 to 6pm or 6 to 8pm also
    • Action learning project work [optional]
    • Perspective and Aptitude Test [PAT] before start of the program; it is an online test and it is just for assessing some specific LIFE SKILLS of participants. Performance in PAT is not considered for final certification
    • Multi-element Assessment
      • Attendance in faculty conducted 100% LIVE and 2way interactive classes [minimum attendance needed for successful completion: 60%]: 15% weight
      • Participation during faculty conducted classes: 25% weight
      • Program-end test on [1] Becoming a successful faculty and [2] Expertise developed in the SUBJECT MATTER [ say Strategic Management, Financial Management etc depending on the specialization of the target group]: 60% weight
    • Certification will be based on evaluation made by The Strategy Academy Centre for Advanced Studies [TSACAS]
    • Certificates will be jointly issued by an Institute or a University, jointly with TSACAS.
    • Three categories of certificates – linked to performance in [A], [B] and [C] mentioned under Evaluation:
      • Successfully completed
      • Completed
      • Participation only
    • Rs 400/- per head per hour + GST
    • Actual fee will depend on the Actual contact hours [for example, for an 8 hour contact program, the fee will be 3200/- + GST]
    • Early bird scheme and group discount scheme for faculty from academic institutions will be available

    Fee   400/-Per head
    Per hour + GST

    Payable on confirmation of the start date of the course from the institution.The start date will be announced as soon as the number of interested participants exceeds 10.


    Actual fee will depend on the Actual contact hours [for example, for an 8 hour contact program, the fee will be 3200/- + GST].
    Early bird scheme and group discount scheme for faculty from academic institutions will be available.