Post Graduate Diploma in Management Entrepreneurship [PGDME]

1. Design and Direction: Design of PGDME is jointly done by Jadavpur University School of Education Technology and Prof Ranjan Das, Professor of Strategy, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, teaching at Indian Institute of Management Calcutta [IIMC] since 1994 and other IIMs. Prof. Das, who is the Founder Chairman and Chief Mentor, The Strategy Academy. Is the creator of Smart Learning & Transformation Solution [SLTS]. Prof. Das will be personally directing this program.

2. For Whom: Frontline and mid level working executives as well as recent graduates looking for a formal Post Graduate Diploma in Management which is rigorous and contemporary in terms of content, compact in terms of duration, delivered conveniently and certified appropriately. Busy entrepreneurs as well as would be entrepreneurs not having any formal education in business and management will be another group who will find this program unique and interesting. Since this program is offered outside normal working hours and its 100% LIVE faculty conducted sessions can be attended from ANYWHERE [see item 7 below for details], anyone with requisite academic qualification [minimum a graduate or a Diploma holder with 10+2+3 education] and working full time during day time of each week, will find the program interesting from the points of view of content, convenience and cost.

4. Content:

  • SEMESTER I: CORE BUSINESS FUNCTIONS AND PROCESSES: 80 Hoursof faculty conducted LIVE classes
    • Marketing Management
    • Analysis of Financial and Cost Performance for decision making and control
    • Financial Management
    • Operations Management
    • Managing and Leading:
      • Understanding Organization, People and People Processes
      • Business and General Management Skills [Business and its underlying processes and functions General Management Skills [including Communication skills and business etiquette]
    • HRM
    • Economics for Managers
    • Quantitative Techniques for business decision making
    • Strategic Management [Strategy, business model, execution and leadership]
    • Entrepreneurship and developing a plan for new business
  • SEMESTER III: SPECIALIZATION AREA[Optional; a minimum of 10 participants per specialization area are required to offer any specialization]
    • Product, Brand and Channel Management
    • Business Development, Sales and Customer Service
    • B2B Marketing and Marketing of Services
    • B2C Marketing and e-commerce
    • Digital and Social Media Marketing
    • Strategy-in-Practice, Governance and Sustainability issues in the Digital era
    • Doing business in Digital and SMAC world [Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud]
    • Future of work in the age of Artificial Intelligence, Machine and Deep Learning & Robotics
    • Developments in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Internet-of-Things and managerial choices
    • Digital transformation of organization and its business processes
  • Comprehensive Project [to be completed and submitted within 1 Month of the last day of formal faculty conducted session of Semester II or III [as applicable]]

5. Pedagogy: Concepts and interactive case discussions and experience sharing by both faculty and participants. List of cases to include even those cases which are used at leading international business schools such as Harvard Business School.

6. Session timing: Three or four times a week – Weekdays and/or Saturdays [during 8 to 10 pm].

7. Delivery: The program will be delivered using an innovative solution called Smart Learning & Transformation Solution [SLTS]. Details of SLTS are available in SLTS will enable participants to attend faculty conducted 100% LIVE sessions – totalling 160 hours [with specialization: 240 hours] – from his/her Home or Office or ANYWHERE, using the Academy’s 2 way interactive and real time DIGITAL Content Delivery Network [with streaming Audio plus Video feeds]. No special training or IT infra is needed by any participant, beyond what he/she already has, to attend from ANYWHERE all sessions conducted by faculty in person. For information, more than 60 companies have already used SLTS and also the just mentioned Content Delivery Network of The Strategy Academy to conduct their In-Company Corporate training Programs.

8. Infrastructure required to attend faculty conducted 100% LIVE and 2 way Interactive classes from ANYWHERE [home/ office/ while travelling]

  • A PC or a Laptop with
    • A standard headphone
    • A broadband fixed line or a Data Card capable of delivering a minimum 256kbps of broadband during each 2 hour session; this is a must for smooth audio and video live streaming


  • Smartphone or a Tab with 4G Connection

9. Recording of faculty conducted Sessions: To be made available for 4 weeks after the last formal session conducted by faculty in person is over.

10. Evaluation and Grading: Continuous – subject wise – along 7 dimensions as mentioned below; an overall threshold level of Cumulative Grade Point Average [CGPA] will have to be obtained in order to be eligible for PGDME Certification

    I. Level of attendance during LIVE sessions conducted by faculty in person,
    II. Level of participation/ engagement during class discussion,
    III. Surprise quiz
    IV. Group work
    V. Industry/Company specific Term Paper for Action Learning [subject-wise]
    VI. Formal presentation of Term paper over LIVE Audio and Video Platform of the Academy and
    VII. End of subject examination


11. Certificate and Grades: PGDME Certificate will be issued by Jadavpur University School of Education Technology and The Strategy Academy Centre for Advanced Studies.

12. Fee: Rs 96000/- Plus GST

13. Minimum Batch Size: 30 participants

14. Start Date of the Program: The start date will be announced as soon as the number of interested participants exceeds 20. These first 20 applicants will get an early bird discount of Rs 5000/- on program fee provided they deposit the requisite fee with GST [net of early bird discount of 5000/- ] within 7 days of receiving the advice from the Academy.

15. If any applicant wishes to discuss with Prof. Ranjan Das, who is the Program Director of this program, regarding any aspect of the program described above, he/she may please call 09874882778 or 03340632066 for setting up a time for telephonic discussion with Prof. Das.

Fee   96000/-Plus GST

Payable on confirmation of the start date of the course from the institution.The start date will be announced as soon as the number of interested participants exceeds 10.


The first 20 applicants will get an early bird discount of Rs 5000/- on program fee provided they deposit the requisite fee with GST [net of early bird discount of 5000/-] within 7 days of receiving the advice from the Academy.