Capture2SLTS: Key features & Scope of services

SLTS – An Innovation Based on Design Thinking

  • SLTS is an innovation made to disseminate knowledge to, and transform, any targeted group of individuals. It is an outcome of Action Research conducted during the period 2008 – 2011 using the “design thinking process” which comprised seven stages: viz. define, research, ideate, prototype, choose, implement, and learn. The principle of design thinking was particularly used to solve problems confronted while creating and delivering knowledge with right “transformational inputs and experience”. SLTS, an outcome of several lines of thought including intuition, logic, digitization and convergence, helps create desired outcomes for both knowledge providers and end users.

SLTS – Key features:

  1. Process driven with TWIN emphasis on [a] learning both knowledge and how to apply it in a specific situation and [b] transformation of behaviour
    • Facilitation of Skilling/Re-skilling of participants in areas as specified by user/user organization
    • Transformation of participants [habits, traits, attitude and motivation to achieve excellence]
  2. Participant centred learning process rather than lecturing by the faculty
    • SLTS deploys a special 5 way learning process. This process has built-in time and sub-processes that help in assimilation and absorption of knowledge and how to apply acquired knowledge in real life situations
    • One key feature of this 5 way learning process is facilitation of Learning-in-phases. Learning-in-phases enables self and inter-participant learning in between two formal faculty conducted sessions separated by 2 to 4 days.
  3. Content neutral – implying that any subject matter – whether professional or technical or general or vocational – can be delivered by faculty using SLTS
  4. Location independent– implying that faculty conducted sessions can be attended by faculty/participants from anywhere [India/world] on a real-time basis [including from homes of participants & when outstation or on-the-move]
  5. All sessions – conducted by the facilitator/ faculty using a technology-enabled communication system – are always 100% LIVE and 2 Way Interactive; no faculty conducted sessions are pre-recorded
  6. Scalable – even a batch size up to 90 participants, spread across all over India and the world, is possible,  even though the faculty conducted 100% LIVE and 2 way interactive sessions will be delivered   Direct2Participant and on real time basis
  7. Universally available -Direct2Participant wherever they are [including overseas] – on real time basis
  8. Recordings of faculty conducted 100% LIVE and 2 Way Interactive are made available
  9. Always includes assessment, grading and certification [multi-element assessment on the lines used by top business schools in India]
  10. Eliminates all non value adding activities and investment that are intrinsic to conventional delivery solution and is hence highly Cost effective – on per program basis or on the basis of per hour of faculty conducted session
  11. Turnkey program management services – from concept to closure of program with built-in system for reporting – weekly and at the end of each  program -performance of each participant; this helps in freeing L&D resources
  12. SLTS is a Green solution as it eliminates much of the resource requirements of brick and mortar set ups; specifically, SLTS does not require participants and faculty to burn fuel to reach the venue of learning nor it requires use of any paper

SLTS – Evaluation, Feedback Areas & Certification

  • Perspective and Aptitude Test [PAT] to assess LIFE-SKILLS
    • Perspective and Aptitude Test [PAT] helps  assess participants’  skills along following heads [before start of any program]:
      • English Language Comprehension Skills
      • English Grammar
      • Basic Numeracy
      • Mental Ability
      • Logical Reasoning
      • Analytical Ability
  • SLTS – Skill or Subject Matter Specific Feedback:
    • Level of attendance during LIVE sessions conducted by faculty in person
    • Level of participation during class discussion
    • Surprise quiz
    • Group work [in virtual teams]
    • Industry/Company/ context specific Action Learning Project [topic/subject-wise]
    • Presentation of Action Learning Project [ALP] over LIVE Audio and Video Platform
    • End of subject examination
    • TOTAL: 100%
  • SLTS -Post Program Feedback – Behavioral [broad indication]
    • Ability to self-govern
    • Ability to engage oneself in any activity
    • Ability to remain up to date in pre-specified areas
    • Ability to apply – in work place – concepts learned
    • Ability to articulate and communicate
    • Ability to work in virtual team
    • Ability to conform to process discipline
    • Ability to live through and accept change
    • Extent of comforts developed to operate in the 21st century DIGITAL World

SLTS: Proof-Of-Concept

  • SLTS has already been used to design and  deliver Learning & Development [L&D] Programs for more than 50 companies in India and abroad, using various features of SLTS.
  • Also, a government funded UGC approved well known University conducts its Post Graduate Diploma Program in Management using SLTS as the backbone platform.

Who can deploy or use SLTS [Full or Part of the services]?

    • Business schools lacking physical infrastructure and faculty but who wish to strengthen current programs and also expand geographically
    • Business schools located in metros and other top cities and looking for subject-specific world class content taught by faculty from top business schools in India and the world with no faculty actually travelling to take the sessions
    • UG colleges located in district headquarters, semi urban and rural areas , lacking physical infra and faculty but wishes to strengthen current programs
    • Schools located in district headquarters, semi urban and rural areas , lacking physical infra and faculty but wishes to strengthen current programs
    • Companies – spread all over India – wishing to train their staff, officials and managers using faculty from top business schools but without making the participants nor the faculty travel to a central training room
    • Trainers – any subject – intending to train  SIMULTANEOUSLY  participants staying in his/her city, state, region, country and overseas
    • Coaches, Mentors and Counsellors intending to offer their services to people staying in their city, state, region, country and overseas
    • Coaching schools in any subject area [including training for CAT, XAT, MAT, JEE etc] intending to minimize number of shifts of teaching [i.e. run one large batch instead of running several small batches] and also expand their  services  to those staying in distant locations in his/her city, state, region and the country
    • Professional training school [Sales, accounting, BPO/ KPO training, Java Programming, any other area]
    • Individuals intending to set up schools/ colleges/ any other learning institutions but are facing resource constraints to put up a reasonably good physical infra plus recruit good quality faculty
    • Individuals whose life or work related responsibilities – such as working hours, care responsibilities, domestic duties, or individuals returning to work from a period of leave – prevent them from commuting to brick and mortar places of learning [even though their desire is to attend faculty conducted 100% LIVE and 2 way interactive classes]
    • Any discourse – technical, political, socially relevant issues, etc: SLTS can be deployed to  conduct such discourse as 100% LIVE and  2 way interactive basis – manner all across India and the world

How SLTS can help companies and their L&D function to re-skill and also transform their managers with increasing effectiveness and decreasing cost?

  • Since SLTS is CONTENT-Neutral, any L&D program with any specific subject matter [functional, cross functional, technical, behavioural, strategy, entrepreneurship and leadership] can be designed and delivered using SLTS
  • L&D Programs which require TWIN Emphases:
    • Skilling/ Re-skilling in program-specific subject matter
    • Transformation of mindset through changing habits, traits, attitudes and motivation to achieve
  • L&D Programs that need to tune the pace of Learning to the way adults learn: SLTS ensures that no faculty conducted 100% LIVE session has a duration more than 2 hours and gap between 2 consecutive sessions is at least 48 hours
  • L&D Programs requiring learning-in-phases so that participants can get time to assimilate and absorb knowledge and skills acquired in each session; this is ensured through having at best 2 or 3 such sessions per week
  • L&D Programs where use of case study method  is required; SLTS facilitates knowledge sharing, through  pre and post class work on case studies.
  • L&D Programs where Action Learning Projects, guided by faculty and mentors, and Presentation of project findings to the faculty/ company are needed
  • L&D Programs requiring large batch size: Up to 90 participants can be included in one batch
  • L&D Programs which require simultaneous roll out of same L&D Programs in multiple locations covering participants from both all across India and also those posted outside India
  • All sessions of each L&D Program must be conducted by faculty-in-person: 100% LIVE and 2 way interactive
  • L&D Programs requiring some special features such as [a] Faculty conducted 100% LIVE and two way interactive sessions are accessible from anywhere [including from homes of participants] and [b]  if required, sessions can be conducted outside working hours to save use of office time
  • L&D Programs requiring evaluation of certain “life skills” before the start of each program
  • L&D Programs requiring assessment of participants [skill specific] along multiple criteria [SLTS enables evaluation along 7 metrics];
  • L&D Programs requiring assessment of participants – behavioural –post-program[ using performance data collected along several metrics during the course of the concerned program [such assessments are broad in nature]
  • L&D Programs requiring recordings of faculty conducted LIVE sessions
  • L&D Programs aiming to eliminate all non-value adding activities and investment required to roll out the concerned programs such as investment in infra, use of office time to attend faculty conducted sessions, food and refreshments etc]conference hall cost and arrangements thereof, travel time/ travel cost to reach training hall, need for special training of participants to attend faculty conducted sessions etc]
  • L&D Programs aiming to deploy green solution
  • L&D Programs looking for turnkey program management support – End-to-End – so that L&D resources can be used elsewhere
  • L&D Programs aiming to reduce effective cost per program vs conventional delivery

Role of an organization intending to deploy SLTS and Scope of services coming  under SLTS

Role of  the Organization who decides to  deploy SLTS

Scope of services to be offered to the 0rganization as a part of  SLTS

CONTENT  [Focus Area] Decision by organization
  1. Design of program/ L&D Program [considering contextual inputs] for approval by the client company
  2. CONTENT Research [if the client company needs]
  3. Facilitation of Learning-in-phases [self and inter-participant learning in between two formal faculty conducted sessions]
  4. Support service for selection of faculty  [if the client company needs]
  5. Deliver faculty conducted 100% LIVE and 2 way interactive sessions in multiple locations across India and the world simultaneously and on real time basis [Direct2Participant]
  6. Ensure Compliance of Process Discipline as   per design and schedule agreed with the client company  [ which includes follow up with individual participants for various tasks to be completed]
  7. Assessment and relative grading of participants and certification
  8. Deliver SLTS as a Green solution
  9. Turnkey program management services and reporting to the client company periodically and at the end of the program being delivered using SLTS
  10. Fee for using various versions and value added services of  SLTS  is based on the principle of pay-as-one-uses
Detailed CONTENT:  [session by session] Decision by organization [with inputs from SLTS if needed by the organization]

NOTE: The Strategy Academy is officially authorized to deploy SLTS to deliver any client company’s L&D or Intervention Program where the client company wishes to use different features of SLTS as describeda1