The Strategy Academy was born out of a conviction. A conviction, that individuals and organizations can create and control their futures and destinies, irrespective of what they are up against, provided they are dissatisfied and impatient with what they are doing currently and possess a clear point of view and ambition to do something big and different in whatever space they choose to be in.

The Academy is a Prof Ranjan Das’s creation. Prof Ranjan Das is a Professor of Strategic Management at Indian Instiitute of Management Calcutta [IIMC]. To know about Prof Das’s academic and professional background, please visit  and click Faculty – Academic Group [Strategic Management] – Ranjan Das


Design and deliver programs and services to achieve the following:

  • Facilitate Success for Everybody, Everyday, Everywhere
  • Help create leaders and leaders of leaders who are capable of developing and executing right strategies for expansion and growth of their organizations
  • Encourage individuals to set up their own  businesses so that they can serve the Nation through creating jobs, generating wealth and contributing to the exchequer
  • Offer programs to people who are not able to access quality education in business and management areas due to  [a] their preoccupation with job or business or other studies or [b] location-specific  disadvantages or [c] not-so-satisfactory academic record at Graduate/Under-Graduate/Plus 2 levels or [d] financial difficulties
  • Conduct programs in a manner that support the cause for developing and maintaining “Sustainable” environment
  • Contribute to social and economic transformation of the Nation


Build an Institution that is committed to the purposes just stated and that will facilitate development of performing Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Strategists at ever decreasing fee per participant.


  • Individuals who are looking for SMART LEARNING SOLUTIONS that will help them acquire business and management skills RAPIDLY through attending LIVE classes conducted by faculty personally but [a] without using working hours or without discontinuing current job, business or studies, [b] without leaving their city/town where they stay and [c] without putting financial pressure on self/family while paying fees.
  • Individuals who wish to acquire business and management skills with specializations that most other business schools do not offer.
  • Individuals who wish to serve the Nation by starting and pursuing NEW ENTREPRENEURIAL VENTURES which are also their personal needs.
  • Business organizations looking for SMARTLY DELIVERED and COST EFFECTIVE short and medium duration programs to build strategic, leadership and managerial capabilities of their management staff posted anywhere in India and the World.